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RE: Lens marker removal

To: "'shop-talk list'" <>
Subject: RE: Lens marker removal
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 08:18:49 -0800
> The technician seemed relieved and began to clean
> them just as they always do when I get a new pair.  He explained that
> acetone is what they use to remove the markings that are on the lenses after
> processing.

Perhaps I'm being overly conservative; but it's my understanding that there are
different kinds of plastics used in making plastic eyeglass lenses, and they
take different cleaning procedures.  Phil Ethier has asserted that plastic
safety glasses always use polycarbonate, and perhaps that's true, I don't know.
But I found a website about fitting polycarbonate lenses that specifically warns
against using acetone on them. "To remove the markings, use Isoprolypene alcohol
(IPA) only."


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