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Re: Mounting an electric hoist

To: Phil Nase <>
Subject: Re: Mounting an electric hoist
From: Jim Juhas <>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 21:15:23 -0400
I have used both the folding HF hoist and a stationary hoist like you 
were considering. For a little car like a Sprite, the legs of the hoist  
get in the way.  I've had to raise the car to get it under.  Jack 
stands  interfere with the  hoist as well.  I'm lucky enough to also 
have a 4-post lift, so that's what I've done to get clearance for the 
hoist: just raise it 6 inches or so.

OTOH, the stationary hoist with such a small car makes it easier to move 
the car than the hoist.  Seems lots easier to me.

To mount my hoist, I assembled 3 2x4s nailed together on the 4" side, 
making a 4x6 beam.  I mounted that to the ceiling across two joists 
(2x8s in this case) by spanning the 16" between the joists/rafters  with 
another 2x4 screwed in to the 2x8.  Then, the beam I made is screwed to 
the 2x4s on each side.  Actually, I screwed the 2x4 "stringers" to the 
beam before fastening the beam to the joists/rafters.  (This was a 
garage under my house).

Now, all that is barely enough to support the beam itself.  The strength 
for the heavy lifting comes from two lally columns on each end of the 
beam, now suspended from the ceiling, to the floor.  I lifted the end of 
a mid sized car with this thing!

The hoist itself in my case is an old chain fall that is hung on a chain 
looped over the beam.

If my explanation isn't clear, I'm following up with a picture sent to 
you off list.

Phil Nase wrote:

>Thanks guys for the help.  I guess I will look for a foldable crane.  Since
>I'm only gonna use it for small four cyl engines should I go for a 2000 lb
>crane?  Any tips on the specs is appreciated.
>Phil Nase
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