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Re: Reconditioning power tool batteries (was Battery Buddy)

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Subject: Re: Reconditioning power tool batteries (was Battery Buddy)
From: "Karl Vacek" <>
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 15:25:59 -0600
On a similar topic, I need to replace one of the 14.4 volt XR battery packs
for my DeWalt drill.  No complaints about the originals - they've worked
pretty well during a few years of mistreatment and some very heavy work.

However, they battery packs are only a bunch of nicads in a plastic case -
is there some replacement brand that's got better cells, or alternatively is
cheaper ?  Or someplace that will rebuild my packs reasonably, using good
cells ??

Thanks !

> So I picked up the Pulsetech charger/reconditioner, but I'm wondering if
> would be a good idea to try and recondition some of the 9.6 (Makita) 12
> 14.4V (Dewalt) power tool batteries I have that get used, abused and
> over and over again.
> Any recommendations?
> Thanks,
> PJ

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