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Re: Stihl chain saw chain adjusting

Subject: Re: Stihl chain saw chain adjusting
From: Eric Murray <>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 11:17:28 -0700
On Wed, May 18, 2005 at 01:44:10PM -0400, Nolan Penney wrote:
> The easy start system is no mere compression release.  It's a method
> where the rope pull winds up a coil spring and the coil spring spins the
> engine.  The claim is that is is far easier to do, requiring less
> muscle.  It's not fun yanking on the starter cord of a chainsaw, this
> should make it a whole lot easier...IF the engine starts readily.

That is probably a lot safer when you want to start the saw without
putting it on the ground (i.e. you're in a tree or on ground thats
not good for kneeling).

I've been using saws long enough to have the hold it in one
hand and start it with the other thing down (not
a move I'd recommend to other people) so I'd probably
not like the wind-up thing.

Although given the excellent job Stihl does on their chain
brake, it might work pretty good.


> The tool free tension adjuster makes it quick and easy to adjust chain
> tension.  I've wasted more time by trying to make the last cut with a
> sloppy chain because I didn't want to stop and tension it.  Which
> invariably has the chain jumping the track.  This system makes it a snap
> to adjust the chain and keep on sawing.  It's a great system...IF it
> works.

It does on my saw.


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