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Re: ups (uninterrupted power supply) questions?

To: Scott Hall <>
Subject: Re: ups (uninterrupted power supply) questions?
From: Jim Juhas <>
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 09:55:09 -0500
Although I don't have any information immediately at hand, I have seen
literature on whole house surge protection.  As I recall, they are more
expensive than the conventional point of use surge protectors, but less
expensive than big UPS units.

Scott Hall wrote:

> just lost another answering machine, vcr and cable modem.  I just got
> two new monitors and I'd hate to lose them, too.  the i.s.c. guy at the
> wife's office recommended a u.p.s. as sort of un uber-surge protector,
> and it'd give me a chance to shut off the computer as well when the
> power went out.  he's a nice guy and all, but I thought I'd ask anyway...
> will a u.p.s. (or at least do some kinds of them) function like a surge
> protector?  is it worth using it as one?  the only thing I'd use the
> extended power for is just to get to the computer to shut it down
> normally, otherwise everything else could go off whenever.  but I would
> like maximum protection for the electronics, and those are spread all
> over the house.  can I get one (large) u.p.s. and wire everything I want
> protected into it?  am I better off just buying the best surge
> protectors I can find, and if so, how 'bout brand names and
> recommendations?  so far I've lost four v.c.r.s, two answering machines,
> two d.v.d. players, and a cable modem.  all but the modem were hooked
> into fairly new (less than two years old) protectors.  and if you know
> of a cable protector, do tell.  I'm told (by the cable co.) that you
> can't surge protect the co-ax because it will degrade the signal too
> much for the modem.
> and if I can use the u.p.s., any help with sizing, brands, etc.?  I know
> wayyyy to little for the stuff I googled to be any use so far.
> thanks.
> scott

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