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RE: Seasonal Cottage Plumbing

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Subject: RE: Seasonal Cottage Plumbing
From: "Mullen, Tim \(IIS\)" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 13:26:49 -0500
Brian C. Kennedy wrote:
> When I put in an outside line at my cottage (MI), I installed 
> a Schreider (Tire) valve.  I have a small, portable air tank 
> I use to blow out the lines for winter. 

When I used to live in Wyoming, the house had a drain "system" for the
outside faucet and sprinkler system.  It was simply two valves in the
basement - a gate valve to isolate the line from the rest of the house's
plumbing, and a faucet T-ed off the line to connect a drain hose.  I
bought a brass "garden hose" fitting that would screw onto the faucet
and added a quick coupler.  To blow out the lines, I would connect and
air hose from my compressor, and let it run.  The sprinklers would
sputter water from each head, and the lines would be clear.  Simple
"tool" for draining the water lines, that cost me less then $5...

Tim Mullen

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