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RE: Air Tools Lubricating

To: "Bob Spidell" <>,
Subject: RE: Air Tools Lubricating
From: "Mullen, Tim \(IIS\)" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 13:13:09 -0500
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Bob Spidell wrote:
> I got one of those HF "FRL" (Filter, Regulate, Lubricate) units
> which supplies oil automatically to air-powered tools.  What is 
> the (approximate) rate <...>

The only time I've ever used a lubricator was one of those "in-line"
ones that you use near the tool.  The oil was sucked dry in about 20
seconds, and I've never bothered to use one since.

I have a filter regulator on my air line, and I don't want any oil in
the lines.  I occasionally squirt a few drops of the air tool oil into
the tool's coupler (if I remember) before I use it.  My tools have
lasted a long time (some of them are 25 years old), but I just used them
occasionally on the weekends.  If I was in a production shop, I might
consider plumbing dual air lines (one for "clean air" and one for "lubed
air"), but for the home shop, I wouldn't bother...

Tim Mullen

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