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Re: Seasonal Cottage Plumbing

To: "Brian C. Kennedy" <>,
Subject: Re: Seasonal Cottage Plumbing
From: "Phil Ethier" <>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 13:01:43 -0600
From: "Brian C. Kennedy" <>
> Jim, I can't answer you question, other than to say I've had outdoor
> pipes freeze in pretty spectacular ways. My father-in-law had a little
> pump he used to blow out the lines at his cottage for the winter. When I
> in an outside line at my cottage (MI), I installed a Schreider (Tire)
> I have a small, portable air tank I use to blow out the lines for winter.
> Sure beats my father-in-laws hand pump and only takes a couple of minutes.
> If you could find a strategic spot to blow out the lines, you could do it
> fairly quickly.

Thanks for reminding me.  I need to drag my wife's garden-hose reel out of
my shop where I put it when the cold set in.  I need to blow it with
compressed air and leave it outside for the winter.  Can't have any more
non-car stuff sucking up shop space, can we?

> > From: Jim Juhas <>
> > Ultimately, I plan to replace the entire system to
> > permit easy draining so that I can use it on a winter
> > weekend simply by charging it up and releasing it when I
> > leave....
> > So, I know that careful attention
> > to the pitch will help considerably.

I would suggest copper for water, and use quite a bit of pitch to the drain
points.  For a weekend winter deal, I would want to make the whole procedure
as convenient as possible.

For your present situation, have you considered RV antifreeze like they use
for trailers and campers?

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