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RE: R12 Freon Replacement

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Subject: RE: R12 Freon Replacement
From: "Mike Frerichs" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 23:53:10 -0500
There's some interesting info at  Autofrost
is, I believe, a company started by George Goble.  You may have heard of
him as the guy who used to use liquid oxygen to get charcoal briquettes
up to cooking temperature in something like three seconds.  (I say "used
to" because the authorities have pretty much shut him down in this line
of fun/experimentation.  I think he has even been requested to remove
his web site where he explained his attempts to find the fastest way to
bring a grill up to usable temp.)

Anyway, I believe he is a chemist at Perdue University and has been
working on A/C formulas for quite a few years.  FWIW, after reading some
of his articles, I (a non-A/C-expert) get the impression that he knows
what he's talking about.

Mike Frerichs

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Hey All~

I came across a product called ProDry billed as a replacement for R12
in older a/c systems. 

As I have an R12 based a/c system in a vehicle worth less than
cost to R134 that needs recharging I am quite interested. 

Does anyone have any experience or advise with this or similar products?

Thank you,


Steve Levine
Studio City, CA

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