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Re: Slightly off-topic question

To: Randall Young <>
Subject: Re: Slightly off-topic question
From: Brian Kemp <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 22:04:44 -0700

Disclaimer:  Most of what I know about rafters and joists I learned from
watching Hometime and This Old House.

My thoughts:

- If you sister the broken beam with 2x6 and can't go the full length with a
single beam, consider using a beam on each side, with one end resting on the
wall.  Cheap ASCII art:

------------------          sister 1
------------x-------------- original broken board       
         ------------------ sister 2 

This should give you double strength.

- get two 1x6x24 boards and put one on each side.  You should be able to bend
the 1x enough.  Two 1x6 glued and bolted should add enough strength, especially
if you glue crack in the broken 2x6.

- Use pairs of 1x6 between the existing rafters to give you 2x6 equivalents on
24" centers.

- I second the comment about blocking or bracing to keep the rafters from
twisting.  If your plywood is screwed to the top, some 1x4 across the bottom may
be enough, otherwise add perpendicular 2x6 between the rafters.  That's how my
roof is braced.

- I'm assuming the rafters are parallel to the garage door.  Can you add a
perpendicular beam under the existing rafters supported by posts at the front
and back of the garage?  That way, the existing rafters would be spanning less
than 24 feet.  Since you can bring the beam straight through the garage door,
length shouldn't be an issue.  I would expect that the beam should be fairly
hefty if it runs from the front to the rear of the garage supported only at the

- get a 4 post lift and put it in the center of the garage.  Use the posts to
support the rafters.  The Triumphs don't need a lot of height, so you can
probably make due without removing rafters.

- I probably wouldn't do this because some people measure success and manhood by
the amount of stuff you have, but you could try to clean out and have a garage
sale, donate the stuff to charity, or fill trash cans.  The you don't need to
strengthen the rafter system.


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