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Lathe Level question

Subject: Lathe Level question
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 20:33:43 -0500
Precision levels made for that purpose are readily available. Starrett (for
one makes they. You often see them on eBay. I just did a search for
"precision level" and found 5 of them. To see one, go to:

Now, do you need one? Only if you want to do very precise work. Your
accuracy is only as good as what you allow the tool's accuracy to be.

So, if you do not care about accuracy of less than .005", don't worry. Just
get it as level as you feel is good enough and sometimes you will even
surprise yourself. (Of course, once you have spent $2000+, it seems foolish
to waste a big part of the tools final capabilities.)


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> shop-talkers:
The instructions with my new harbor freight 12" lathe call for
> me to level the thing within a couple of thousandths of an inch.
Are they kidding?  how important is that ?   how the $#%%^$#@@~! would
> you do that even if you wanted to-- and what measuring tools would you
> use??
> any help in how to level a lathe (or rationalizations for not doing so )
> would be appreciated.
fred zampa

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