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Subject: RE: Auto Lifts
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Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 01:46:47 -0400
Reason for choice:

I chose the Double Park from Cytech because the ramps
were closer together than several of the others, better
for the narrow track on my Healey and my MG.

Garage layout considerations:

I have my lift in a stardard two car garage (about 20'
x 22').  It is a bit crowded, especially when I have to
work on the side of the car next to the wall.  Normally,
I can plan ahead a bit and get the side I need to work on
next to the middle of the garage.

A more important consideration is the amount of overhead
space and the ability to open the garage door while the
car is up on the lift.  With a standard ceiling height, and
proper positioning of either the MG or the Healey on top
of the lift, I can just barely get the other car in underneath.
Both cars, of course, must have the top down.

Peter Schauss
Long Island, NY
1980 MGB
1963 BJ7

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Hi All,

I've been lurking for a couple of weeks now and have a
question I know you will love to debate. I'm having a garage
built with an attached home. The two related questions are:

1) What auto lift do you prefer and why?

2) How big (wideXtall) should the garage be to accommodate
said lift?

I tend to prefer smallish cars (Jensen Healey, Z Car,
Triumph), so I would think 4000 pound capability would
suffice. I'd like to be able to stand (I'm 6' 4")

What's the collective wisdom?



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