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RE: Auto Lifts

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Subject: RE: Auto Lifts
From: "Jeff Cocking" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 07:46:39 -0500
Since we are on the subject of lifts, where are good places to find
information about lifts.  Is there a links page somewhere for the various

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I'd be interested in hearing about the modifications to your garage
door. Currently the track for one of my doors is just at head level when
I walk in from the house (two steps down to the garage.) Haven't hit my
head yet but it's just a matter of time

Mike Lye
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>Subject: Re: Auto Lifts
>Date: Mon, Sep 25, 2000, 2:58 AM

>   Note that you might have to high lift your garage
> door so that you can open and close the door when a
> car is on top.
>   I did mine with no parts, just some grinding and welding
> to move the track around. Works fine, I can send details
> if you want.

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