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Re: Auto Lifts

To: Bruce Wolfe <>,
Subject: Re: Auto Lifts
From: Mike Rambour <>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 22:53:21 -0700

>1) What auto lift do you prefer and why?

   I don't prefer the "Perfect Park 7000" , its been a good lift with no 
problems except for the company and dealing with them.  A friends "Backyard 
Buddy" seems to have better customer support but I don't think it is as 
nicely put together, although it works just fine.  That is the only 2 I 
have experience with.

>2) How big (wideXtall) should the garage be to accommodate
>said lift?

    depends on what you want to do for the side measurements, you should 
have at least a few feet to pull wheels/brakes/suspension to each side of 
the lift.  Since the ramps are on the inside of the posts, you can place 
the posts about 1foot from the wall and the side of most LBCs will be about 
2 1/2 to 3 feet from the wall.  Height wise depends on your car, I started 
out with 9ft and all I could get was the car about 4 1/2 feet to 5 feet 
from the ground to the motor, I only had 45" from the ramps to the ground, 
it was miserable to work under but was good enough for me. I bought the 
lift for double parking and both cars fit just fine with the windshields 
folded down.  I have since removed some joists and have just over 11 feet 
now, I can stand under the car and work.  I did find prior to moving the 
joist that I could lift the car about 2 feet off the ground and work under 
it, still on my back but fairly comfortable.  Get a lift bridge !!! so you 
can put a jack under the car and get the wheels off the ramps, worth every 
penny, I got 2 lift bridges so I can get all 4 wheels off the ramps, never 
used both of them yet but not sorry I did it.

>Triumph), so I would think 4000 pound capability would
>suffice. I'd like to be able to stand (I'm 6' 4")

   I don't think you will find less than 6000lbs lifts and since you deal 
with newer cars, you can't fold down the windshield ( most of them new toys 
at least ).  Measure the ground clearance on your car and subtract that 
from the height of the car, add 6'4" and that is how much ceiling space you 
need.  Ok that is simplified, you need to take into account the ramp 
thickness, about 5 inches on Perfect Park and the most important (that I 
didn't do) where are the stops ! but by measuring like I just said you will 
have a rough idea of how much height you need.  Its really hard to plan 
ahead and measure it up I found out, due to roof slopes, lift stop heights 
and other items like that.  The lift stop locations and distance between 
stops can be very important if you are tight on height.  Also check where 
your fenders will hit the roof, since if the roof slopes in the right 
direction you will have plenty of clearance for the top/windshield. It will 
be the front/rear fenders that will hit first and that makes it hard to 

     I am in S. Cal if you want to see the perfect park and feel free to 
ask more questions, I spent a LOT of time prior to buying measuring to make 
sure it would fit and did a lot of comparison shopping.  Its amazing how 
helpful Perfect Park was PRIOR to getting my money.


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