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Re: Solvent/gloves

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Subject: Re: Solvent/gloves
From: "Walt Goddard" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 10:04:45 -0700
I purchase it at a local industrial chemical supplier that provides
products for our local gold mines.  Don't know of a regular dealer
like Wal-Mart etc.  Check their website at
and there may be a dealer reference there or you can contact them.

I use it in my 30 gal parts washer, diluted 12 to 1 with water.
Another benefit is that the grease floats so it's pretty easy to clean

Try any local purveyor of industrial products and they may have it or
can order it.

I have no connection with this company, just like their product.

Walt Goddard

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> Where do you get it?  Does it work in a parts cleaner?

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