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"Citrol": D-limonene; was Re: Solvent/gloves

Subject: "Citrol": D-limonene; was Re: Solvent/gloves
From: Lee Daniels <>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 14:37:10 -0500
The "citrol" solvent (not really a solvent --- it's a *solute*, which is 
dissolved in a solvent---water, in this case) is available from many 
different sources in varying forms.  Several different lubricating oil 
companies distribute it, and they get it from places like 
Schaeffer Oil (see or
Cargill (see

But these places will only sell you a tank car load or at least a 55-gal 
drum.  If you want the pure compound, which has the common name 
"D-limonene" (i.e. (R)-1-methyl-4-(1-methylethenyl)cyclohexene) you can get 
it in 1qt, 1gal, or 5gal pails from The Chemistry Store at
One gallon will cost you $9.59; 5 gallons is $42.63.  I suspect that the 
pure stuff will go a long way!  It has the fortunate EPA label of "GRAS", 
i.e. "generally regarded as safe", which saves you a bunch of shipping 

This stuff is used for *all* sorts of applications, including dog shampoo, 
insecticides, hand cleaners, industrial degreasers, etc.  It's "GRAS" 
rating makes it very easy to procure and dispose of (down the drain).

You can find all sorts of information on the web by searching for the word 

-Lee "yes, I am a chemist" Daniels

   Lee M. Daniels         Laboratory for Molecular Structure and Bonding                                 Texas A&M University
   '74 TR6  '88 XJ6               

>I use it in my 30 gal parts washer, diluted 12 to 1 with water.
>Another benefit is that the grease floats so it's pretty easy to clean
>Try any local purveyor of industrial products and they may have it or
>can order it.
>> Where do you get it?  Does it work in a parts cleaner?

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