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Copper Sealing Washers, (was leaky J-type overdrive)

To: G faber <>,,
Subject: Copper Sealing Washers, (was leaky J-type overdrive)
From: Trevor Boicey <>
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 01:20:32 -0400
G faber wrote:
> Trevor
> My guess would be the solenoid,  there should be a copper washer (seal)
> that
> has to be perfectly flat, I just got done rebuilding one for my spit,
> soon to be installed.

  That was indeed the trouble, I was able to get a friend to run
the car while I was underneath, and it goobered out of
that orifice, right where the solenoid is screwed in.

  So I was able to get the solenoid off, and it appears the
mating surfaces are a bit mangled. It appears a previous
owner tried VERY hard to seal this using the hex nut, and
it's a bit bent up. Some of the corners of the hex nut
are bent in towards the sealing surfaces, and were likely
not helping!

  The inner circle of each fitting is ok, I could probably
carefully file down any areas on each surface that stick up. I
don't expect to be able to file things machine-smooth,
but I can get them out of the way on the outside and
at least the inner circle the washer will have a perfect

  Any idea if there are washers I can use that might be
slightly more tolerant of an imperfect surface but can
still handle the 500-ish PSI? 

  As well, because of the cramped area in this particular
install, it's REALLY hard to get it tightened. I would
love also the above washer because it might require
a little less tightening to seal.

  Here's a pic of the install, it's cramped. The solenoid
is just above midline of the image, and slightly
left of center. (just visible above the tube steel

  ...anything more easy-going than copper for a hydraulic

  (cc'ed to shop talk, this problem is a leaky fitting
where a solenoid goes into an overdrive, it's basically
about a 500psi hydraulic system and mine was leaking)

Trevor Boicey, P. Eng.
Ottawa, Canada,
ICQ #17432933
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna get my drink on.

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