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To: <>
Subject: Solvent/gloves
From: "Walt Goddard" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 11:20:54 -0700
I have found a very good solvent that is water soluble, non-toxic, not
flammable (in liquid form), bio-degradable, etc.  It's called Citrol
and is put out by Schaeffer (SP?) from Missouri.  The local mines use
it extensively.

The spray is flammable due mostly to the propellant.  I put some of
the liquid in a cup and tried to light it with a match and couldn't.
The 5 gal bucket is about $ 90, but I diluted mine 12 to 1 with water
and it works well on greasy auto parts.  They say you can dilute to 20
to 1 but I suspect that would be pretty weak.
Very pungent odor of citrus, but not overwhelming at all and not
toxic. Don't need gloves but use the latex ones anyway.  Bonus is
automatic  hand cleaner that rinses off with water.

Anyone else use this?

Walt Goddard

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