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Re: Fancy mechanic's gloves

To: "Chris Heerschap" <>,
Subject: Re: Fancy mechanic's gloves
From: "Rex Burkheimer" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 17:51:37 -0500
Nitrile. I use them all the time, and I love 'em. I've used AC/Delco and
Harbor Freight, can't tell any difference. They do tear regularly, but not
nearly like latex. A box lasts me about 6 weeks. My nails and cuticles are
no longer an embarrassment at the office.

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From: Chris Heerschap <>
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Date: Friday, September 15, 2000 12:01 PM
Subject: Re: Fancy mechanic's gloves

> wrote:
>> I use the "Mechanix" brand gloves and I love them.  I used to not wear
>> gloves while working.  But I pick up a set when I need to do a brake job
>> "warm".  I've been using them since.
>I have several pairs of the Mechanix gloves.  In the large size they fit
>tight, which makes the dexterity pretty good.  I can actually pick up
>some things with the gloves that I can't without... the somewhat
>suede-like finger surface gives better traction.
>Unfortunately, to give good dexterity, the fingers are pretty thin, and
>I wear through them pretty quickly.  The rest of the glove is fine, but
>there are holes on the pointer finger and thumb.  This makes for a nasty
>surprise when you pull off the hot cat.
>I keep one pair very clean, then I have one pair I use for hot parts
>(fingers intact)  The other gloves I keep around because they do a
>wonderful job of protecting hands from many small injuries.
>Never have tried nitrile gloves.  Tried latex gloves, and they seem to
>dissolve with most of the stuff you're trying to keep off of your
>hands.  Defeats the purpose.
>> FWIW, my are totally grease soaked and I'm getting ready to wash them.  I
>> figured it wouldn't be a good idea to wash them in the "house" washer and
>I have washed my Mechanix gloves in the house washer.  I combine about a
>cup of gojo with a normal sized cup of detergent.  Does a very good job,
>especially if I put the gloves on first and "wash my hands" with the
>gojo.  Can sometimes leave some junk in the washer, so I wash dirtiest
>stuff first, then the less dirty, and always finish up with my clean
>shop towels, which get all the rest of the junk out.  A dedicated washer
>and dryer would be really nice.
>Most often, though, I do like most everyone else... leave the gloves on
>the shelf and wash my hands afterwards.
>Chris Heerschap - UNIX Systems Mutilator/Postmaster

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