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Re: Fancy mechanic's gloves

To: Brian Kemp <>
Subject: Re: Fancy mechanic's gloves
From: Eric Murray <>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 21:16:22 -0700
On Thu, Sep 14, 2000 at 05:56:21PM -0700, Brian Kemp wrote:
> I just keep a container of GoJo hand cleaner around and forget the gloves for
> most of the dirty stuff.  If I'm working on something rusty or rough, I just 
> a pair of 99 cent (or $1.50 if not in a multi-pack) leather work gloves.  

I like the Mechanix brand gloves for motorcycle riding, specifically
observed trials.  They're thinner than most regular dirt bike gloves
so I get better feel with them.

I don't use gloves when I work on bikes, but I will when I'm working
on the tractor, where the parts are heavier and might hurt my hands.
I don't like the lack of feel though, so I take them off and put
them back on when I need them and take them off....

If I were doing mechanical stuff for a living I'd come up with
a better glove solution, and I'd wear gloves (rubber or whatever) when
working with solvents.  A little carb cleaner (or pick your favorite
toxin) now and then isn't a big deal, but 8 hours a day every day
is different.

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