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RE: HVLP spray gun

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Subject: RE: HVLP spray gun
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Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 00:00:42 -0400
that's twice somebody on the list mentioned using the harbor freight 
'cheapie' gun.  are the guns really so similar in performance?  will I be 
able to get the same finish from the central pneumatic gun as I would from 
a binks, etc.?

I was under the impression that this is one place where you really want to 
spend the extra cash, because it will show up in the results.  true?  or is 
this like snap-on vs. craftsman ratchets--you _think_ it's better, but 
performance is no different.


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Well actually not as large of a compressor as one would imagine. I used a
Harborfreight one that called for something like 11cfm. I used a Craftsman
5hp oilesss that probably is really only about 3 hp and puts out 9cfm. The
gun worked great. Yes the compressor ran a lot but it didn't hurt the
finish one bit. I have since bought another Harbor Freight one that uses
about 9cfm. Haven't used it yet but I'm sure it will work just as well.
Using a HVLP gun you can get away with 2 quarts or less of paint to do an

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