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RE: HVLP spray gun

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Subject: RE: HVLP spray gun
From: Scott Hall <>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 23:21:55 -0400
this is not good.  I was going to write the list and ask about this very 
subject.  I'm thinking about buying a hvlp gun and I was wondering with 
which one people have had good results.  I was thinking the devilbliss 
finishline gun, 'cause it's in the harbor freight catalog and it's 
(comparatively) cheap gun, and 'cause I know devilbliss is supposed to be a 
good brand.  anybody have more info on this?  I read that a gun converted 
from standard to hvlp will not perform as well as a hvlp designed gun, but 
I'm no pro, and I'm new to painting, so I don't know if it would matter to 

on a related note I went to a local bodyshop last week (my brother manages 
to keep its owner in new boats, and state farm stock at record highs). 
 their best guns, according to the tech, were 'sita', or 'jita', something 
like that, that I'd never heard of.  there were two devilbliss guns that 
apparently were second rate.

and lastly, I have a craftsman 5 h.p., 40 gal. compressor.  I was under the 
impression that this would be enough (albeit barely) to power a hvlp gun. 
 anybody have any real world experience?  I know what sears says, but their 
numbers tend to be a bit fungible...

I'm looking to paint several projects and I want to be proud of the 
results.  I know at least at first the paint gun won't be holding _me_ up, 
but I don't want to blow some cash on a junk gun.



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One thing to keep in mind is that there are two distinct HVLP systems.

1. Turbine powered HVLP. Uses a High Volume Low Pressure turbine to
provide air for the gun. These are available in 1-3 stage units. They
run off 110 volts.

2. Conversion HVLP. Uses compressed air (Low Volume High Pressure) and
converts it into HVLP. Does not require a turbine air supply but does
require a *very* large output air compressor to meet its needs
(typically 15+ HP).

Be wary of comparing apples to oranges...


On Sun, 03 Oct 1999 07:29:22 -0700 charlie kish <>
>Has anyone on the list had any experience with the HVLP type of paint
>spraying system?  I am wondering how it compares to the old style of
>spray gun.  I have seen these advertised and they talk of very little
>overspray and large material savings.  I am wondering how the finish
>looks and goes on, any help?

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