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Re: HVLP spray gun

To: "Eric J Russell" <>
Subject: Re: HVLP spray gun
From: Roland Wilhelmy <>
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 1999 21:44:56 -0700
Some of the newer conversion HVLP guns use quite a bit less air.  For
instance, the Sharpe Platinum gun uses about 6 cu ft/min at 50psi
input if I recall and will run on just about anybody's 5 hp
compressor.  Sharpe has a website with lots of stuff on it.

Sharpe Platinum owner
Wagner Capspray owner
who thinks the Sharpe is better for painting cars
but who painted a VW bug with the Capspray

On Mon, 4 Oct 1999 21:29:26 -0400, Eric wrote:

:: 2. Conversion HVLP. Uses compressed air (Low Volume High Pressure) and
:: converts it into HVLP. Does not require a turbine air supply but does
:: require a *very* large output air compressor to meet its needs
:: (typically 15+ HP).
:: Be wary of comparing apples to oranges...
:: Eric

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