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Re: HVLP spray gun

To: Roland Wilhelmy <>
Subject: Re: HVLP spray gun
From: "Michael D. Porter" <>
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 1999 02:54:04 -0600
Roland Wilhelmy wrote:
> Some of the newer conversion HVLP guns use quite a bit less air.  For
> instance, the Sharpe Platinum gun uses about 6 cu ft/min at 50psi
> input if I recall and will run on just about anybody's 5 hp
> compressor.  Sharpe has a website with lots of stuff on it.

I would add that this is Sharpe's Platinum page:

And, that from what I have read, the turbine outfits are expensive
enough to place them out of the reach of the ordinary hobbyist. The
conversion guns are meant to take high pressure, lower volume input and
convert it to high volume, low pressure output, making them suitable for
lower CFM compressors. There are probably trade-offs with any conversion
gun, but some may certainly be useful with hobbyist compressors. For
those who still want good coverage, but can't afford to add compressor
power, it's worth looking around for electrostatic paint guns. They
provide coverage almost as good as hvlp, but work on a slightly
different principle. The paint/air mist from the gun is much like a
standard spray gun, but the paint is electrostatically charged as it
exits the gun, and the paint is electrically attracted to the workpiece,
which is grounded. Overspray is reduced, and one can actually paint
behind panels not exposed to the paint spray. Worth investigating for
the adventuresome types. <smile>


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