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Re: Garage Floor Painting Questions

Subject: Re: Garage Floor Painting Questions
From: (Jack I Brooks)
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 22:51:41 EST

I am not sure what of epoxy material was used to seal the damp basement. 
I know what the company's policies and experience were and I saw the
problem myself.  


On Thu, 05 Dec 1996 14:28:08 EST Brian Kelley <> writes:
>Jack Brooks writes:
>> I worked for Stonhard, one of the major epoxy flooring companies.  I 
>> detail the process you are discussing over the week end when I have 
>> time.  
>> Caveats,  
>> 1.You need a vapor barrier under the floor or really good drainage
>> otherwise the epoxy, which gives you a water proof surface, can pop 
>> the hyudraulic pressure of the water under the concrete.  Paint is
>> microscopically porous and breathes, epoxy does not.  I didn't 
>believe it
>> either until I was shown an epoxy pop.  I hit it with a hammer and 
>> and the water squirted up about 2 feet.
>That's somewhat contradictory from what I've heard.
>A friend who is in the hardware business and well versed with what is
>commercially available sealed his damp basement a couple of years ago
>with epoxy.  The intent was *specifically* to block the moisture.
>So it seems it can be done if you use the right stuff..
>  Brian
>Not speaking for Ford.

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