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Re: Garage Floor Painting Questions

Subject: Re: Garage Floor Painting Questions
From: jibrooks@JUNO.COM (Jack I Brooks)
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 22:51:42 EST

I am the one who mentioned the concrete grinder.  Basically it breaks off
the top oxidized layer and gets the pores of the concrete open.  A
mechanical mean to accomplish what a etch does.  It is not effective on
removing old oil, etc, but we used a product called Bullseye, which was
biodegradable.  I have no clue as to where it can be obtained.  You need
to degrease below the surface  the concrete to get the epoxy to stick.
Scrub with a bristle broom and lots of dregreaser.

Jack Brooks

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996 20:27:59 -0500 writes:
>> Caveats,  
>> 1.You need a vapor barrier under the floor ....
>> otherwise the epoxy, ... can pop from
>> the hyudraulic pressure of the water under the concrete.  
>> and the water squirted up about 2 feet.
>-That's somewhat contradictory from what I've heard.
>-A friend who is in the hardware business and well versed -with what 
>-commercially available sealed his damp basement a couple of -years 
> -with epoxy.  The intent was *specifically* to block the  -moisture.
> - Brian
>Yes but,
>Fine Homebuilding did an article (or two) on waterproofing basement 
>sometime in the last coupe of years and a few of the points they 
>raised were:
>1. Don't count on waterproofing "membranes" (including water proof 
>paint) to
>be able to withstand the hydraulic pressure from standing water.  It 
>IS able
>to resist high moisture levels, but not standing water.
>2. Because the hydraulic pressure from "standing" water will 
>eventually find
>it's way / create it's way through paint, epoxy, and other 
>materials it is necessary to drain water away from the foundation 
>gutters), provide good drainage, provide a proper grade, etc.
>On a related topic: have any of you used/rented the concrete grinder
>mentioned as a way to prepare the concrete ?

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