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Re: Garage Floor Painting Questions

Subject: Re: Garage Floor Painting Questions
From: Steve Noe <>
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 08:37:48 -0500
I painted my 24 X 24 garage floor with the paint Griot's Garage sells.  I
did my research beforehand, contacting PPG, RustOleum, and a couple other
companies.  Decided on the Griot product based on safety of product (vapors)
and price.  

I etched the floor beforehand.  The paint can be applied while the floor is
still damp from the final water rinse though mine was dry by the time I
painted it.

It has stood up to the usual automotive fluids like brake fluid, etc.  I
haven't tried cycling the steering of a car to see if the paint will lift
from the pressure/heat of the turning tires. Griot claims it won't lift in
that situation. The paint will chip if tools are dropped on it from like 6
feet.  I think it does not like exposure to the sun, I can't recall offhand
what the warning was exactly, but that is true of some of these paints.

I think it is a good product midway between cheap paint sold at your
hardware store and the expensive, complicated, and often hazardous (vapors)
commercial paints.

Caveat: ask Griot for a MSDS before ordering or applying the product.  None
was provided with my order.

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