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Re: Garage Floor Painting Questions

To: mbarre@JUNO.COM
Subject: Re: Garage Floor Painting Questions
From: jibrooks@JUNO.COM (Jack I Brooks)
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 1996 22:55:38 EST

I worked for Stonhard, one of the major epoxy flooring companies.  I can
detail the process you are discussing over the week end when I have more

The basics are as follows and it really isn't all that expensive, two
layers of epoxy paint and a bit of fine sand.  The first coat of epoxy is
squeegied and then rolled on, the sand is sprayed uniformly, fully
coating the surface and allowed to dry for 12-24 hrs.  With clean shoes,
vacuum up all of the sand, the re-squeegie and roll the surface.  You end
up with a sealed, mildly abrasive but easy to clean floor.  

1.You need a vapor barrier under the floor or really good drainage
otherwise the epoxy, which gives you a water proof surface, can pop from
the hyudraulic pressure of the water under the concrete.  Paint is
microscopically porous and breathes, epoxy does not.  I didn't believe it
either until I was shown an epoxy pop.  I hit it with a hammer and chisel
and the water squirted up about 2 feet.

2. Any cracks from movement of the floor will reappear.  Stable cracks
can be routed out and filled with epoxy/sand mix filler.  Blend the two
until they are the consistancy of wet sand, prime the routed crack with
epoxy and trowel the mixture in using al least 80 lbs of pressure on a
standard sized trowel (approx 5 x 7).

There is probably other stuff to discuss but it has been a few years
since I have done this stuff.  It wil take me a while to recall all of
the steps.

If anyone is serious about doing something like this let me know and we
can set up a time to talk.

Jack Brooks
Hillsdale, New Jersey
1960 TR3-A TS69032L
1974 Norton Commando Roadster

On Tue, 3 Dec 1996 23:06:54 PST mbarre@JUNO.COM (Matt Barre) writes:
>Jack, I agree that the type of pain you use will determine the answer 
>to many of your questions and manufacturers should provide optimal 
>treatment instructions.
>While I was researching how I would handle my shop floor I came across 
>a company in Georgia (I think) that advertised a "performance 
>flooring" product.  I sent for their info and if you are interested I 
>will try and dig it up.  Their process is epoxy based and beyond a 
>simple paint involves laying a base coat that is then layered with a 
>fine grade of sand and then recoated to provide a surface many mills 
>thicker than paint alone.  It is fairly expensive compaired to paint 
>but is supposed to be first class.  Many of the NASCAR shops have used 
>the product and rave about it.  I will see if I can find the info.

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