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Re: Air compressors yet again.

Subject: Re: Air compressors yet again.
From: (Steve Flatt)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 13:34:44 -0800
> While we are talking about compressors, does anyone have any suggestions
> as to how the noise can be muffled?  
> Peter Schauss

Here's some:

Mechanical (pump & motor) noise:

Build a portable insulated enclosure for it (let sufficent air *IN* tho)
a la impact printer enclosures;

Move it outside the space you're in

Exhaust/engine noise (if gas):

route the exhaust outside or fit a bigger muffler;

Compressor pump intake noise:

Could you fit a muffler here too? Weren't air cleaners also called
'silencers' at one time?

Earplugs (work great!)
Steve Flatt - 
'58 A-H 100-6 Longbridge BN4

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