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Re: Re[2]: Air compressors yet

Subject: Re: Re[2]: Air compressors yet
From: (Gorman, George)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 15:50 EST
I built simple frames with 2x2s covered with the cheapest acoutic tiles I could 
buy on sale.  My compressor sits in the corner of the garage, so I built two 
frames (about 2ftx8ft to hold two full acoustic tiles each), hooked them 
together with hinges and placed them around compressor (with tiles facing 
towards the compressor).  Then placed left over tiles on the walls behind the 
compressor and in rafters above, making sure enough air could get in to cool 
the motor.  Works pretty good, but I still use ear muffs when I'm going to be 
working near the compressor a long time (like bead blasting).  Really, basic 
problem is that to kill noise you want to seal off compressor, but compressor 
needs cooling air.  If I was smart in the beginning, I probably would have 
built a little shed for the compressor outside the garage, but.....

George Gorman
While we are talking about compressors, does anyone have any suggestions
as to how the noise can be muffled?  

Peter Schauss
1963 Austin-Healey 3000 Mk II
1980 MGB

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