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Re: Re[2]: Air compressors yet again.

To: "Thomas Wannenburg" <>,
Subject: Re: Re[2]: Air compressors yet again.
From: (John T. Blair)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 17:43:30 -0500
At 02:24 PM 11/21/96 -0500, Thomas Wannenburg wrote:

> I have a 5hp single stage, oilless 26gal unit.  Could I attach 
> another tank, and would this let me work longer before it kicks
> in.  I can only cut/ sand for a short time before the compressor
> comes on.

My oil type, 5 hp 30gal tank, will kick in while I'm working also.
But just because it kicks in, doesn't mean that you have to stop
using it.  When I'm sanding or some something, I'll let it run 
for a while.  Then I stop for a few seconds and it kicks off.

While I don't really know what the limits of the unit are, should
they run while you are using them?  It would seem to me that that
is what they are supposed to do.  The only exception I know of to
this is a friend has an industrial compressor, looks to be at least
100 gal tank, 2 stage compressor.  When he is using his staplers
or a spray gun (he restores furnature) he can use the tools for 
quite some time before the compressor kicks in and it quickly
cuts off.  But how many of us can afford the $2,000-$5,000 that
his rig would cost or the space it occupies?  It is a lot bigger 
than my Morgan!

One thing I have done, especially in the summer is I have an old
box fan hanging under the workbench behind the compressor (it is
mounted under the workbench so it is out of the way) which I 
turn on to help disapate the heat it generates.

> Where can you get such a tank, and how do you connect it.

Don't really know where to get the tanks.  But as far as connecting
it, you can simply use a section of 3/8" air hose.  This way you
can mount the 2nd accumulator anyplace you have room.

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