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Re[2]: Penncraft tools

To: SHOP-TALK@AUTOX.TEAM.NET, Bruce Wentzel <>
Subject: Re[2]: Penncraft tools
From: "John Loftin" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 96 08:38:37 EST
     I once knew the manager of the tool department of a Sears.  Any 
     Craftsman tool that carries the "lifetime warranty" can be replaced 
     for free at any time for any reason.  The next time you are in a 
     Sears, stop by the tool department.  Read the lifetime warranty.  I 
     believe it says, "Sears will replace this tool for any reason during 
     it's lifetime."  
     I have replaced a hacksaw because my wife ran over it with the family 
     car.  Your adjustable wrench has scratches...  No problem.  Replace 
     it.  One of your craftsman screwdrivers handles has partially melted 
     because of the heat of a torch...  No problem.  Replace it. 
     Any craftsman tool that carries the "unlimited lifetime warranty" 
     Sears will replace.  As far as the torque wrench goes, it does not 
     have the unlimited lifetime warranty.  I think it has a 1 year "free 
     of defects" warranty.  All the craftsman power tools have the same 
     type warranty.
     BTW...  In college, I worked for Sears.  If you complain enough and 
     get high enough up the management ladder, Sears will replace 

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Subject: Re: Penncraft tools
Author:  Bruce Wentzel <76752.3101@CompuServe.COM> at smtp
Date:    11/17/96 11:37 AM

>I've never had a problem exchanging Sears Craftsman hand tools (I'm 
>probably on my 4th 3/8" breaker bar.  Sears simply takes the broken 
>tool and hands me a brand new replacement.  I've never even been asked 
>how it broke.
Ususally true, however Sears won't cover the ratchet head of their Torque 
wrenches.  Been there, done that.  (Maybe I didn't squeak enough)
Bruce Wentzel

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