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Re: Penncraft tools

To: Bruce Wentzel <>,
Subject: Re: Penncraft tools
From: Steve Obert <>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 21:13:54 -0500
At 11:37 AM 11/17/96 EST, Bruce Wentzel wrote:
>>I've never had a problem exchanging Sears Craftsman hand tools (I'm
>>probably on my 4th 3/8" breaker bar.  Sears simply takes the broken
>>tool and hands me a brand new replacement.  I've never even been asked
>>how it broke.
>Ususally true, however Sears won't cover the ratchet head of their Torque
>wrenches.  Been there, done that.  (Maybe I didn't squeak enough)
>Bruce Wentzel
I wanted them to give me a whole new torque wrench, but they would only
give me a kit for the ratchet.  BTW their guarantee says all Craftsman HAND
tools have a lifetime guarantee.  I have had problems with shovels with
broken handles and when I reminded them of that they did replace it.  Just
gotta make some more noise I guess.

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