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Re: Penncraft tools

Subject: Re: Penncraft tools
From: (Bill Sohl)
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 19:31:18 -0500
>> Many moons ago, I received a set of Penncraft sockets (from JC Penneys). They
>> were guaranteed for life just like Craftsman from Sears. 
>> Now, Penneys no longer sell tools and they don't 
>> want to live up to their obligation.  I was told that
>> the only way they would do anything was if I produced a receipt. I asked the
>> lady from the customer service department if she had kept any receipts from
>> items she purchased in 1972 and she said no but I should have known that
>> Penneys would get out of the hardware business and been prepared.
>> What I would
>> expect Penneys to do is to make a deal with Sears and have them exchange
>> their tools. Anyone else had this problem? Suggestions?
>> --
>> John Greenwood

Some time ago I had a similar hassle with JC Penney on one of their lifetime
batteries.  They tried every which way to avoid making good on a battery
I had that was installed in a TR-6.  After 6 years, the battery was
toast.  The TR-6 was not registered at the time for road use and JC Penney
tried to claim the warranty (I had all the paperwork) didn'tt cover
my situation.  I pointed out there was no such exception in their
warranty langauage.  I escalated my claim to 
JC Penney Headquarters in NY City.  Even they initially balked, but 
I said if they didn't I'd see them in small claims court and also file
complaints with the BBB and any consumer affairs organizations
I could.  I got a new battery.

Bottom line, the squeky wheel gets the grease.

I've never had a problem exchanging Sears Craftsman hand tools (I'm
probably on my 4th 3/8" breaker bar.  Sears simply takes the broken
tool and hands me a brand new replacement.  I've never even been asked
how it broke.

Bill Sohl   Budd Lake, NJ
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