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Re: Pozi-drive and the Snap-On Man

To:, "David F. Darby" <>
Subject: Re: Pozi-drive and the Snap-On Man
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 96 15:33:42
--- On Wed, 6 Nov 1996 22:39:22 PST  "David F. Darby" <> 

>Someone figure out how to make a "round" drive, because that's about the
>only configuration missing.
>David F. Darby
>Ozark Highlands, Missouri

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It's already been done, haven't you seen one of those bolt extractors that 
use use with a ratchet to back out studs with broken off heads?


John Steczkowski
Senior Manager
PSW Technologies
11/7/96   3:33:43 PM CT                 O-

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