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Re: Pozi-drive and the Snap-On Man

To: "David F. Darby" <dfdarby@JUNO.COM>
Subject: Re: Pozi-drive and the Snap-On Man
From: Trevor Boicey <>
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 1996 03:54:28 -0500
David F. Darby wrote:
> Penta-Drive
> Phillips
> Someone figure out how to make a "round" drive, because that's about the
> only configuration missing.

  Worth mentioning to this is the Robertson screwdriver.

  It's sort of a Canadianism. As best I heard the legend, it's
a patented system that apparently the rest of the world wasn't
interested in paying the patent rights for. I've only been
able to verify it's absence in the US, but it's bizarre.

  Around here, it's incredibly common, at least as common as any
other type. But you go down south, and they have no idea what
the hell you are talking about. And no, they don't sell a screw
driver for it to fix the widget you brought on vacation that's
made exclusively with them.

  Basically, it's square-drive, which probably matches the
square drive you listed in all except trade name and the fact
that it's extremely common here and nonexistent there.

  So the end of your screwdriver is a tiny cube, and the
opposite pattern is on the screws. It comes in four sizes,
Yellow (smallest), Green, Red and Black (biggest). It's
a great system actually, since the screw holds tight to
the screwdriver because the tip is ever so slightly
tapered like a press fit bearing.

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