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Re: Pozi-drive and the Snap-On Man

Subject: Re: Pozi-drive and the Snap-On Man
From: dfdarby@JUNO.COM (David F. Darby)
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 00:12:38 PST
On Tue, 5 Nov 1996  "Lee Daniels,"
<> writes:
>I have recently become acquainted with the local Snap-On man 

>One of my reasons for visiting the truck was to purchase #2 and #3
>pozi-drive screwdrivers.  
 Not inexpensive, though.  Set me back about $35.  

> Lee M. Daniels
> '74 TR6  '77 MGB


The high quality of SNAP-ON tools is unimpeachable; a joy to the eye and
hand. However, decent quality Posi-Drive screwdrivers are available from
tool supply houses nationally for about $5.00 a piece. McMaster-Carr
Supply of Chicago and Grainger are two houses that come to mind.


David F. Darby

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