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Re: Pozi-drive and the Snap-On Man

To: (Linden Thomson)
Subject: Re: Pozi-drive and the Snap-On Man
From: Berry Kercheval <>
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 17:44:07 PST
>>>Linden Thomson said:
 > > From Sun Nov 10 11:02:08 1996
 > > 
 > > PK (Parker-Kaline) I think...its hard to read on the shaft
 > > Looks like a Phillips screwdriver, but it seems that two of the opposing
 > > drives edges are shorter.

 > Almost certainly from the aircraft industry.  One of my uncles was an
 > airframe fitter with the RAAF in New Guinea during WWII.  Aircraft involved
 > were mainly P40s (aka Kittyhawks).  He always refers to Phillips screws
 > as PK screws.

That may be, but "modern" aircraft tend not to.  For example,  the 1965 Beech 
Musketeer I owned until a few weeks ago had a zillion and three screws, every 
one of which was most definitly Philips.

(and sometimes it seems like I had to take every one off for an annual 
inspection...electric screwdrivers are WONDERFUL...)


Berry Kercheval :: :: Xerox Palo Alto Research Center

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