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Re: welding gas tank

To: Kevin Leitch <KLEITCH@Corel.Com>,
Subject: Re: welding gas tank
From: (John T. Blair)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 18:25:00 -0500
At 09:04 AM 10/29/96 -0700, Kevin Leitch wrote:

> I ended up getting a tank with a fill for under $80 ($58 for the 
> tank, $18 for the fill, $3 D.O.T. extortion, $4.53 State of Utah 
> extortion).  Nice thing about this is when I need a fill I just 
> take the tank in and the supplier swaps it for a full one, no
> waiting (and the supplier MUST make sure the tank they give me
> is good!).

I agree.  That's about what I paid for my tank also here in Va.  I
pay $17.60 for a refill.  Would like to get a 2nd tank so if I run
out of gas on the weekend, I'm not out of luck until Monday.  None
of our welding suppliers are open on Sat.

>P.S. I also got an Auto Darkening shade for my helmet; well worth the


  Where did you get you Auto Darkening shade for you helmet?  I've 
called around here and the start at about $180.  I'd sure like to
get on though.

  One other note.  I'm near seighted and now wear bifocals.  My
glasses are also photo-gray.  Don't know what the real reason is,
but when I try to weld, it is very difficult for me to see what
I'm welding.  A couple of weeks ago I got mad at something I was
trying to weld as I kept missing it.  Had a couple of nice beads 
going no place.  So after several failed attempts, I took off my
glasses.  It made a big difference, I could actually see better
through the face mask without the glasses!  

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