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RE: welding gas tank

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Subject: RE: welding gas tank
From: Keith Kaplan <>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 15:24:17 -0800
Stupid question -- are your glasses and welding mask polarized?  Is one
polarized vertically, and the other horizontally?  While wearing your
glasses, look through your mask while holding it upright, then turn it
sideways and see if you can see better through it.  If so, get either a
shield or glasses that are polarized the other way.

Just a thought...
'85 MR2 ITA (for sale)
aspiring sprint kart racer

>  One other note.  I'm near seighted and now wear bifocals.  My
>glasses are also photo-gray.  Don't know what the real reason is,
>but when I try to weld, it is very difficult for me to see what
>I'm welding.  A couple of weeks ago I got mad at something I was
>trying to weld as I kept missing it.  Had a couple of nice beads 
>going no place.  So after several failed attempts, I took off my
>glasses.  It made a big difference, I could actually see better
>through the face mask without the glasses!  

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