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Re: Brazing stainless

To: "Brent G DeWitt" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Brazing stainless
From: "Sueli Ruof" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 20:06:22 -0500
Silver bronze?  I'm not quite sure what that might be.  The silver based
brazing alloys (with tradenames like Sil-Braze 35, EasyFlo 45, Safety-Sil)
would be my first choice for hand brazing stainless.  Just about all of the
AWS BAg brazing alloys (sometimes refered to as "silver solders") will let
you join a type 304 stainless steel to a steel hanger.  Some of them (BAg1
for instance) utilize cadmium to suppress the solidification temperature so
make sure you have adequate ventilation.

MOST IMPORTANT - make sure you have a flux that says it will work on
stainless steel (fluoride/chloride/borates).  The straight borates used
with BCu and BCuZn on steel will NOT break down that ol' chromium oxide.  

8,500 psi?  That's probably the strength of the filler itself.  If you get
a decent braze joint, the actual strength of the joint may be closer to the
strength of the base materials.  Don't count on full strength over 450
degrees F.


Bill Ruof

and in our next class we'll all try brazing an optical grade diamond to a
piece of molybdenum.....
> From: Brent G DeWitt <>
> To:
> Subject: Brazing stainless
> Date: Tuesday, October 29, 1996 2:54 PM
> Can any of the folks out there tell me what sort of
> luck to expect brazing hangers onto a T-304 stainless
> muffler?  The best rod I have is a high silver silver/
> bronze (forget the number at the moment).  It's rated
> at 8500 psi, but I'm not sure about wetting on the
> stainless.  The muffler (Walker Ultra-Flow) won't be
> here till next week, so I have some time to think about
> it.
> Thanks,
> Brent

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