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welding gas tank -Reply

To:, mbarre@JUNO.COM
Subject: welding gas tank -Reply
From: Kevin Leitch <KLEITCH@Corel.Com>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 09:04:22 -0700

I also have a Century MIG welder (the 90 amp on wheels from Sam's
Club).  I checked local welding and gas suppliers for prices on 20 C.F.
tanks for C25 and found a wide range of prices.  I ended up getting a tank
with a fill for under $80 ($58 for the tank, $18 for the fill, $3 D.O.T.
extortion, $4.53 State of Utah extortion).  Nice thing about this is when I
need a fill I just take the tank in and the supplier swaps it for a full one, no
waiting (and the supplier MUST make sure the tank they give me is

Check around, the tanks are not that expensive.


P.S. I also got an Auto Darkening shade for my helmet; well worth the

>>> Matt Barre <> 10/28/96 12:03pm >>>
Here's an off the wall thought.  I recenty purchased a Century mig welder
and was going to buy a gas tank from Harbour Freight when I spied an
steel SCUBA tank left over from when I used to dive.  It is out of
hydro, but would it be possible to change the fitting and use it for
CO2???   Would the normal gas suppliers not want to fill it?  I would
paint it green and stencil it CO2 so no one would try and take it for a

Matt Barre
Mobile, AL

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