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Re: Shop Presses

Subject: Re: Shop Presses
From: (Gorman, George)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 11:16 EST

I've got one of the Harbor Freight A-frame units for use in restoring my '61 
TBird.  Believe mine is the 13 ton (?) one -- cost $99.  Works great for 
general pressing, but I found two problems.  (1) top frame is just two steel 
plates mounted on-edge.  I've bent them from being slightly off-center on 
occasion.  Look for press with an I-beam on top.  I made one of my own to 
replace the plates.  (2) Size the beast to fit what you plan to be pressing.  
Couldn't quite fit a Ford rear axle in to press off wheel bearings (axle was 
too long).  Could press new bearings on however, just due to geometry (it's a 
long story, but you get the picture).  Actually never ran into a situation 
where I'd need a bigger (20+ ton) unit.  Unit has saved me a ton of bucks 
(pardon the pun) and aggravation by not having to rely on a commercial shop.

George Gorman
I'm looking for a press to use in my home workshop. I normally use a
press at
a friends shop, but it is a bit inconvenient.  Browsing through the
Harbor Freight 
catalog, I see a whole bunch of different rated presses. Anyone willing
to share 
their experience?

Do I need a 45 ton unit?  Or can I get by with a 20 ton unit?

 What about the working range? Anyone have any problems with the lower
of the working range? (like the ones rated 8.5" Minimum.) I would think
range needs a minimum of 0" (Lower end) to be more useful.

What about the 'A' frame units compared to the regular square units?

I'll be using the press mostly to remove bearings from axles or pressing
broken lug nuts from the hubs.  (I don't like the hammer method. <g>)



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