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Re: Radiant Heat in shop floor

To: Eric Murray <>
Subject: Re: Radiant Heat in shop floor
From: Henry Frye <>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 11:24:30 -0400
Eric Murray wrote:
> Henry Frye writes:
> >
> > Greetings.
> >
> > Well, it is finally happening.  The shop is going up this week.
> >
> > Went with a steel building, 38 x 36 X 10, spanned a truss so I will have
> > the benefit of about 16 foot clearance in the peak of the roof. This
> > means I will have one 15 foot wide bay with no truss in the way of the
> > lift I hope to get.
> I'm envious, here close to Silicon Valley only the super-rich
> get to put up a shop like that...

Ah, but here in Mayberry (as my wife call this place, Andy and Aunt Bea
MUST be around here someplace.  We definately found Gomer and Barney
Fife!  ;-) ) you look for property that does not have too much land,
otherwise you pay the tax man big bucks for land you don't use.

> > Here in New England, it's gets cold.  I am going to use a wood stove to
> > heat the shop
> You sure you want that?  It makes it hard to just pop into the
> shop and work for an hour or two, since it takes that long
> for the stove to bring the place up to a reasonable temp.
> And you have to keep feeding the damn thing.

Feeding the wood stove is a part of life in these parts.  And the
radiant heat will keep the shop at a workable temp for popping in for an
hour here and an hour there. Wood stove is for the really cold days you
want to spend serious time in shop.

> >, and I am seriously considering putting some sort of
> > radiant heat in the floor.
> >
> > Anyone have any experience with radaint heat applications?  I couldn't
> > find any meaningful information on the web.
> The last house we lived in had originally had radiant heat installed
> as pipes laid in the slab.  The house was built in the 50s but
> they used cheap pipes which rusted and spring a leak.  The leaks
> are expensive to fix- you have to have someone jackhammer the
> slab to chase the leak.  Most of these houses no longer use the
> radiant heat because of this, and ours was no exception.
> The house my girlfriend lived in previously had working radiant heat.
> When it's working, it's really nice.  It takes about 3 days to
> get up to temp though.
> --
> Eric Murray
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