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Radiant Heat in shop floor

Subject: Radiant Heat in shop floor
From: Henry Frye <>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 08:27:53 -0400

Well, it is finally happening.  The shop is going up this week.

Went with a steel building, 38 x 36 X 10, spanned a truss so I will have
the benefit of about 16 foot clearance in the peak of the roof. This
means I will have one 15 foot wide bay with no truss in the way of the
lift I hope to get.

Here in New England, it's gets cold.  I am going to use a wood stove to
heat the shop, and I am seriously considering putting some sort of
radiant heat in the floor.  

Anyone have any experience with radaint heat applications?  I couldn't
find any meaningful information on the web.

Any and all comments welcome.

Henry Frye

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