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Re: Radiant Heat in shop floor

To: Henry Frye <>
Subject: Re: Radiant Heat in shop floor
From: "Jack L. Poller" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 06:37:03 -0700
Henry Frye wrote:
> Here in New England, it's gets cold.  I am going to use a wood stove to
> heat the shop, and I am seriously considering putting some sort of
> radiant heat in the floor.

Out here in the Sunny Bay Area of California, it gets 'mild' as opposed
to your cold.  One of the premier house builders in the '50s, Eichler, 
built houses with Radiant Heat plumbed into the floor.

He used *cheap* cast iron (I believe) pipes buried into the concrete 
foundation floors of these houses.  Most of these pipes have rusted or
broken due to twisting during E-Quakes, and most of the owners have
had to shut off the heat and install normal forced-air heaters.

I Suggest a search for Eichler housing on the web, and see 
what it turns up.

Jack L. Poller                 
Chromatic Research                       (408) 752-9176

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