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Re: Radiant Heat in shop floor

To: Henry Frye <>,
Subject: Re: Radiant Heat in shop floor
From: Steven Trovato <>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 10:24:19 -0400
Go out and buy the November issue of Fine Homebuilding.  There's a big
article about Radiant-Floor Heating in it.  It's more aimed at home
interiors than garages, but you should learn a lot.  I went with two Empire
direct-vent upright propane heaters for my shop.  They're 55-60K BTU's each,
and can bring the place from frigid to comfy very fast.  One of these would
have probably been enough, except my shop is really two separate rooms.
This is helpful when you use the shop intermittently, or have to open doors
to switch cars, etc.  Also, I remember someone saying that wood stoves
weren't legal in garages in some places.  They don't like having flammable
liquids near open sources of combustion.  Check your local codes.

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