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Dash Lights and Turn Signals

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Subject: Dash Lights and Turn Signals
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Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 22:00:20 -0400
Hello list and I hope you are all having the beautiful fall weather that
we are enjoying in Western North Carolina. It is perfect for driving
I took my newly operational TD to the local cruiser's
gathering...........a first, drove home in the dark.........a first as
well. My dash lights are not functional. I have power to the dash light
reostat, so I suspect the reostat itself as the culprit. Can it be
bypassed by simply connecting the 3 red wires attached to it to the
red-white dash light wires?
Also, my turn signals have never functioned. I installed a new flasher
unit. The turn signal switch must be held in the left or right position.
Is it supposed to hold itself for a few seconds or must it be held
manually? How prone to failure is the turn signal relay box? Any
suggestions for tracing the problem.
BTW, my brake light pressure switches were both fine. Once I fixed the
brake fluid return problem (clogged return port in the MC) the switch
worked just fine!
It was nice to be the most unique car at the cruiser's
gathering............a British beauty among American muscle. There was a
really nice MGA MkII there as well!
Have a great weekend!
Bill Snyder
'53 TD 
PS The TD's headlights are brighter than the ones on my B! And the red
dots on the marker lights look really neat.

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