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Re: British Number Plates, Badge Bars and Driving Lights

Subject: Re: British Number Plates, Badge Bars and Driving Lights
From: Bullwinkle <>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 21:05:17 -0500
I'vve seen two different styles of badgebars/lamp brackets. The most
common is the type Moss sells which mount to the bumper bolts. It has
tabs for mounting the standard SLR/SFT lamps. There are several
aspects of these I don't care for. 1) The lamps tend to vibrate as the
bar is mounted by tabs and then the lamps are also. Thus the lamps
tend to flicker up and down. 2) TDs don't cool well, and it is my
opinion that they can interfere with the air flow through the
radiator. 3) The lamps are well exposed and easily knocked out of

A second type isn't seen very often and was produced back in the
Fifties. It mounted to the apron and fender using the existing chrome
screw and an additional bolt.

As I don't want anything blocking the air flow to the radiator, I
somewhat followed this second style of mounting to mount a fog and
driving lamp. I removed the chrome screws and mounted my lamps there.
However the lamps I used were RayDyots which use a small bolt rather
than the hollow spigot of the SLR/SFT types. By using a longer bolt I
was able to pass the bolt through the existing captured nut and placed
the proper nut on the bolt. It was somewhat difficult getting the nut
in place. I have since gotten a BSF bolt of the same size as the
original chrome screw and then bolt it using the existing captered
nut. This location also has the advantage of not blocking air flow to
the radiator, and they are located well back so that they don't get
knocked out of allignment.


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