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RE: Tach reduction "gearbox" (52 TD)

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Subject: RE: Tach reduction "gearbox" (52 TD)
From: "Lew Palmer" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 18:13:29 -0600

The tach reduction gear is not difficult to repair. I've done several of
them over the years.

Usually the problem is that the gears start to wear and eventually start to

To repair: Drill out the rivets and separate the two case halves. Clean out
the old waxy grease. Then put the two halves back together, rotate the two
halves so that the gears engage with each other slightly more than before
(not too tight, but not too loose either). Then redrill two holes in
alignment with the holes on the opposite case half and set new rivets to
hold the whole thing together. Screws and nuts can be used instead of rivets
(which may be hard to find) - but use a lockwasher on each as these things
are subject to a lot of vibration. The now-blank holes can be filled with a
little body putty to seal the off. Regrease and you're done.

1/2 hour max job.

Lew Palmer

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Subject: Tach reduction "gearbox" (52 TD)

Dad's 1952 TD needs a working tach, and the tach
reduction "gearbox" (Moss #360-010) is the problem.

I'm clueless on this, but I have been given marching
orders by Mom, who wants to "fix it or replace it as
a Christmas present for my Dad.

a) Anyone have a working one for sale? Mom can't
   afford Moss's price.

b) Anyone know any rebuilders of these things?

c) Has anyone ever rebuilt one themselves?

I've never even tried to take it apart, as I have
never seen a cut-away view or an exploded diagram
of what the insides are supposed to look like.

But how tough could it be?  Let me guess - a simple
pair of gears, likely acquired from Latvian Army surplus,
and thus not conforming to gear sizes or ratios available
anywhere else since.

Maybe one of the gears is the one that always "strips", and
that gear IS available somewhere?

And yeah... the CD sounds like a great gift too.
Can is be used on an iMac using OSX 9.x, or do I have
to get him a Winodze PC to go with the CD?

              james fischer

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